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They may not be on Live PD anymore, but Deputy Carmack and K9 Shep are still getting the job done. Tonight’s events sound like it would’ve been great television. A short time ago, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office posted about a hot pursuit the dynamic duo were involved with on Highway 19 in Hudson. They were trying to track down a guy who had some burglary warrants out when they spotted him riding his bike. When the suspect realized he was in trouble, he ditched the bike and took off into the woods. With weather this cold, I doubt they wanted to do a long drawn out search in the woods. Deputy Carmack yelled for the guy to surrender, but the criminal decided to take his chances. No worries. K9 Shep was on the case and got the job done.

Pasco Sheriff's Office

Deputy Carmack was patrolling the area of US19 and Bolton Avenue loo... king for a suspect who has active VOP burglary warrants. Deputy Carmack then observed the suspect riding a bicycle on the east side of US 19 and when he went to make contact with him, the suspect dumped the bicycle and ran off in a wooded area.

Check out these pics as the cast got back together for a party last year in NYC.

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