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Here we go again. Another driver going the wrong way. And Tampa Police say the driver was impaired. If you were driving near the airport early Sunday morning, you might have been delayed as one of the entrances to Tampa International Airport was closed. Channel 8 reports a wrong-way driver has been charged with 2 counts of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide. The driver charged is 30-year-old Alexander Bradford Jacobson of Land O Lakes. Tampa PD isn’t say much more than that. More details will surely come from the incident, but the claims by one woman on Facebook who says she witnessed the accident are infuriating. I’ve included her story and photos below.

A Facebook user posted these photos… I can’t confirm her account of the incident, but if true, this just leaves me furious. Jelitza Fearce says the car hit was carrying an Uber passenger and that the wrong-way driver was wearing beads. So if this turns out that a drunk driver who DIDN’T use a rideshare killed two responsible people who did and were keeping the roads safe, I can’t even process how awful this is.

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