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Big Nasty loves the old school jams we play on Q105 Saturday nights. Among his favorites... "Bust A Move," "Ice Ice Baby," "Fight For Your Right To Party" and his "walk out" song he likes to have playing when he's introduced... Janet Jackson "Nasty."

Of 150,000 fans that entered, Largo financial advisor Keith Kunzig was voted in to the Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He came on to cohost the Q Cafe with me Monday as he was doing his best to rally and get some last minute votes from Bucs fans. They came through. On Tuesday, Kunzig (aka “Big Nasty”) got the call he’d been praying for – he was named one of 3 finalists. He was off to Miami where the wait would be excruciating to see if he made it. As he sat in his hotel room, family members recorded video on their cell phones of the painfully long silent wait. They were told that if he was going in, he’d get a knock on the door between 8:30 and 10. When I hadn’t heard from Big Nasty by 9:55am, I was fearing the worst. And then this happened!

Destiny Kunzig - HE'S IN ‼️ MY DADDY IS A 2X HALL OF FAMER...

HE'S IN ‼️ MY DADDY IS A 2X HALL OF FAMER ???? IM SO PROUD OF YOU ❤️ #FordHallOfFans #ThankYouFord #CantonHereWeCome

Congratulations to Keith and thank you to all of Buc Nation who voted. You can clearly see how much this honor means to him. Watching him in nervous anticipation of a knock on the door that may never come. And then when it happens, he points to the sky one more time. Bucs fans are used to heartache. A reason to celebrate was long overdue. And this Super Bowl weekend, we’ve got one.

He recorded this awesomeness for me on my old station a couple years ago!

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