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Motorworks Brewing, is a Bradenton-based brewery that that has been highlighting adoptable dogs by printing the dogs’ photos on it’s beer can labels.

A portion of proceeds from Motorwork’s sales would be donated to organizations that are helping shelter pets. Great idea, right? Well in hindsight it definitely was for this one lucky pup… and its owner.

According to Fox 13 News, a photo on a Motorworks’ can of Kölsch beer has helped to reunite Monica Mathis from Minnesota, with her dog “Hazel”, that had gotten lost three years ago, while she was visiting Iowa.

Fox 13 also says that Manatee County Animal Service spokesman Hans Wohlgefahrt states that Mathis called and provided proof that Hazel was hers, including the dog’s microchip information.

Mathis said she was overcome with emotion when she realized that the dog pictured on the beer can was in fact her long-lost baby. Hazel will be shipped home to Mathis for free, thanks to the nonprofit Friends of Manatee County Animal Services.

Motorworks Brewery says the program has been successful in other ways too, as two of the first four dogs featured on the cans have been adopted into new and loving homes.

Check out Motorworks’ FB post below…

So now you have two good reasons to try Motorworks Brewery beer. You’ll be helping locate lost dogs with their owners, and help other lost pups find new homes. Sounds like two incredible reasons to have a beer!

And remember … “Adopt Don’t Shop”.  Take a look at some other happy pet adoptions around the country below:


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