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Why not turn Tampa into Margaritaville?

Even though there were complaints about how provocative the performance was, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were logical choices for a halftime performance in Miami. They wanted that Latin flavor to represent the city. It made me think, who should perform when the Super Bowl is here in Tampa next year? We want to show off the area and the River Walk. Our revitalized downtown around Sparkman Wharf will be great for first time visitors. But musically, how can we show Tampa Bay off when the world is watching Super Bowl LV?

I’m going to leave it up to you. Who could perform at halftime next year that would represent Tampa Bay in a great way? Tweet me @Q105Geno or leave a comment on my Facebook page. I’ll add your suggestions below. Here are a few of mine. Some I think would be great. Others, not so much.

Here are some of YOUR suggestions!

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