This story of a recent TV game show win is definitely one for the record books. And if you are a fan of Wheel of Fortune, you may actually be amazed.

CBS Miami reports that Jessie Rebhan, a teacher at Leewood Middle School in Miami, was victorious in solving her three-word bonus puzzle on Wheel with the help of just one additional letter.

Jessie was given the standard R-S-T-L-N-E letters, (three of which appeared on the board). Jessie then selected the additional letters, P-C-D-O and only the letter “C” showed up on the puzzle board.

Rebhan thought through the puzzle and then blurted out the answer, “Buying A Juicer”! Pat Sajak was amazed… and so was I when I watched the episode.

Take a look at Jessie Rebhan’s spectacular win in the video below…

The win netted Rebhan a bonus of $37,000, bringing her total winnings for the game to $52,328 and a trip to Barbados.

Congratulations to Jessie!

Below are a few photos on and off stage at Wheel of Fortune…

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