So many delicious meals to choose from.

Residents and tourists alike love eating our fresh Gulf seafood here in Tampa Bay. I mean, come on! That’s what we’re known for, right? Most every eatery that sets up shop on or around the beach, caters to seafood lovers. If you or your spouse do not eat seafood, you know how difficult eating at the beach can be.

Well, there is steakhouse on Clearwater Beach that has been open since 2017, and you may not even know about it. Get out your smartphone and set a reminder to check out Blinkers Beachside Steakhouse and Lounge on Mandalay Avenue on Clearwater Beach. Yep, there’s a steakhouse on Clearwater Beach.

Like most people, my wife and I enjoy dining out. An evening of good conversation and great food is a very enjoyable way for us to spend an evening, whether we’re alone or with friends. And a good steak usually tops my list of favorite foods. Having grown up on Clearwater Beach (and living there again since returning from L.A.), I can tell you a steakhouse on the beach is somewhat uncommon.

Blinkers has an upscale ambiance with a glowing fire-wall… but it still has the feeling of being a beachside location. They have a full bar with TV’s, a great wine list and a foodie’s menu.

The Blinkers brand originates from Kentucky, (which happens to be my wife’s home state). Kentucky is also known for their bourbon, so Blinkers has incorporated some of the best bourbon labels into their cocktail program at the bar.

And while the quality of steak that Blinkers serves is fantastic, don’t count them out if you ARE a seafood lover. They also serve many delicious seafood entrees, chicken entrees, salads and sandwiches. Chef Taylor creates his own recipes for daily specials, appetizers and entrees. All dishes burst with flavor combinations that can be both unique and delicious at the same time.

There is something for everyone at Blinkers. We’ve been dinning with them since it first opened in March of 2017. They have a 3 year anniversary coming up (yep, the’ve been there a while). If you’d like to give Blinkers a try, they are located at 476 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach.

For more information you can click HERE:

Take a look below at a few photos we took on a recent visit and see for yourself how amazing this place is….

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