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This is going to come as a shock to many of you. Traffic at the 275/I-4 merge is often quite bad. In all seriousness, I’m shocked it came in at #91 on the American Transportation Research Institute’s list. Channel 8 reports they clocked the average speed in that area at 39.2 miles per hour. Does anyone know when it ever moves that fast? I’d like to plan my next drive at that time. Even though it came in at #91 nationally, it does take honors of being Florida’s worst intersection. A million freight trucks were apparently monitored to gather this data.

Source: Channel 8

Traveling to the airport in Tampa? Avoid these connecting flights!

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Compare Cards says choose a nonstop early morning flight if you can. And avoid these airports for a connecting flight. They say these 10 had the most delayed or cancelled flights over the past 10 years in December.

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