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With the concerns of coronavirus, it’s a question many are asking.  When you enter one of the Disney parks in Orlando, you tap your magic band and verify that you’re you with your fingerprint.  But with the concerns of spreading COVID-19, you may be wondering… can you opt out of it?

Yes!  You actually can.  Inside The Magic did the research and found in Disney documentation that you can bypass the fingerprint service if you show your ID.  The name on your ID obviously must match the one assigned to your ticket. Even after coronavirus is no longer in the headlines, this might be welcome news to those germophobes out there like me! You can even fill out a form when you get to Disney at the beginning of your trip and make a note on your account that you won’t want to use the “Ticket Tag” service.

Pics from Geno’s 2020 Disney Visit

Source: Inside The Magic

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