There has been little to be excited about lately. But here here in Tampa Bay we have the VERY exciting news that Tom Brady has joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Have you noticed that all of a sudden, ticket prices for seats at Raymond James stadium have started rising. Hmmm. I wonder why? It’s no wonder. Look, the Glazers have FINALLY laid out some serious money for a quarterback that is undoubtedly the greatest of all time. If THEY are willing to make the sacrifice and invest in a winning season… then I’m all for them asking for a higher ticket price. It’ll be worth it when the Bucs are winning.

Now, the ticket price hike may not be because Tom Brady has joined the team. But I think it is.

According to, the Buccaneers have bumped the price of all non-club seats at Raymond James Stadium by 15 percent. The difference is about an extra $135 (over 10 games) for upper level seats and about $255 for the best lower level seats. The club seat cost will however, remain the same and fans may renew without any increase.

If you’re upset over the price hike, lets think about it a minute. It’s been 18 years since Tampa Bay won our (one and only) Super Bowl, and the team has struggled ever since. Now, obviously adding Brady may not guarantee a Superbowl win, but we do know that those red zone cannons will be on “rapid fire”.

Those seats at Ray-Jay will be jam-packed!

Below are just a few things Tom might want to keep in mind now that he is a new resident of Tampa Bay…

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