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It sounds scary. But is it? Most have already been staying home to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. So you might wonder what exactly is forbidden if a “Stay-At-Home” order is issued? Tampa Mayor Jane Castor suggested at a press conference that if Governor DeSantis doesn’t make the move statewide Monday morning, county administrators might do it themselves when they get together in the afternoon. Based on this interview below, it sounds like the lockdown would probably be for 30 days. 

If a stay-at-home order is issued, you would be able to make essential trips.  You’re not restricted from leaving your home, but you do need to have a valid reason to be out and about.  You can go grocery shopping or get tested for the virus, according to Channel 10. You’d also be able to exercise as long as you aren’t in a big group. You could go for a bike ride, run or walk. You could also make visits to check on those you care about. Things like grocery stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants (no dining in though) and pharmacies will stay open for you. You’d also be able to go to work if you’re considered “essential” (medical jobs, first responders, utility and manufacturing jobs).

So what wouldn’t be allowed? They say things like salon visits or even dinner parties. Obviously bars are closed and restaurants are only operating for take-out and delivery business. It’d also be forbidden to be out and about simply for amusement like visiting parks or an aquarium. Florida’s state parks will already be closing tomorrow anyway. Playground visits would also not be allowed.

Source: Channel 10

What’s open, what’s closed in Tampa Bay

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