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Apparently WrestleMania moved to Pinellas County. Channel 8 reports that Clearwater police arrested 21 year old Robert Janisch and his girlfriend outside the Clearwater Mall at about 9pm Sunday night. They say the two were having a wrestling match in the parking lot. She suffered neck injuries. Police say it started when the two were having sex. She needed to use a restroom but there was no porta potty so she grabbed a napkin and took a break from their activities. When she was finished they say she accidentally tossed the napkin onto her boyfriend. A fight ensued and they say she screamed for help. Police say the two were naked and had been drinking. Janisch ended up getting arrested and faces domestic battery charges.

WrestleMania Stars Who Started in a Warehouse On Dale Mabry

On a MUCH lighter note, WrestleMania in Tampa unfortunately had to be called off. Many of those who are headlining the card this year got their start just a few miles south of Raymond James Stadium at a little warehouse on Dale Mabry.

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