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Panic buyers keep overbuying toilet paper creating those empty shelves. Fortunately most stores now are limiting how many rolls you can buy to prevent hoarding. According to the Tampa reddit group, here are 10 places in the area where they say you can find some TP. I can’t vouch for any of these, but maybe call ahead before you jump in the car just to make sure. Have a Tampa TP tip? My contact info is at the bottom of this page!

Target right when they open each morning
This seems to be the most popular tip. You’ll have to wake up early and possibly wait in a line to get in. But this was the most popular suggestion from members.

Sam’s Club
Q105 listener Tammy says the Gulf to Bay location in Clearwater has TP and paper towel. They are only letting a certain number of shoppers in at a time and she says there’s a limit of 1 of each (TP and paper towel).

Epicurean Hotel in Tampa
They’re said to be doing curbside pickup for $1 a roll.

Gas Stations
Check the those little markets when you’re filling up. You never know. You’ll probably pay more since they don’t sell much usually, but if you’re in dire need, check!

Publix in Lakeland
Can’t vouch for this tip. I know my Publix in Clearwater has had empty shelves for a couple weeks.

New York New York Pizza in Tampa
One customer says they are giving away a roll with a pizza purchase.

Dollar General in Brandon
On Hwy 60… said to be restocking TP every morning.

Maple Street Biscuit Company In Carrollwood
75 cents a roll according to one customer.

Peabody’s in Tampa
They’re selling toilet paper until 3AM according to a reddit user.

Another spot where it’s suggested you get there early in the morning.

Primos Ruskin Supermarket
If you’re down in the Riverview, Sun City Center, Apollo Beach area, the owner emailed me saying they have some.

Take out napkins!
I have to admit this is pretty brilliant. If you’re desperate, ask for extra napkins at the drive thru.

What’s Open, What’s Closed in Tampa Bay

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