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No surprise here. 4 of the top 5 Google searches of 2019 here in Florida were Dorian related. We escaped the brunt of the storm here in the Tampa area. All the local meterologists keep saying it... Tampa Bay is long overdue for a big one.

Oh good. The one positive lately has been the weather in Tampa Bay. It’s been, sunny with temps in the 70s. The humidity hasn’t arrived yet. It’s been wonderful. But we know that doesn’t last forever.

ABC Action News says 4 major hurricanes are expected this year. They think there will be 16 named storms. Colorado State University made these predictions today. The average is right around 2-3 major hurricanes with 12 named storms. Their reasoning? An “anticipated lack of El Nino and warmer than normal tropical Atlantic. Last year we had 18 named storms and six hurricanes.

ABC Action News

Some of the most intense photos from Hurricane Dorian in 2019

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