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When the coronavirus situation turned serious, airfares from Tampa International plummeted. There were many reports of planes carrying only one or two passengers.  Airfare deals were jaw-dropping. You could get a round trip flight to Las Vegas for under $40.  You were smart to NOT travel given the obvious health risk. Plus it would’ve been a real dull trip given how Vegas has completely shut down.  As May approaches, however, check out the difference in prices on flights now compared to what they were last month. The new flight prices below are all the lowest round trip fares from Tampa that I could find to fly May 6 through May 13.  Some prices have jumped as much as 1,000%. Considering the low price of oil right now, is it a sign life may soon get back to normal? Or is it just a correction in pricing since airlines have begun to cut flight routes?

10 Worst Airports For Holiday Delays

Compare Cards says choose a nonstop early morning flight if you can. And avoid these airports for a connecting flight. They say these 10 had the most delayed or cancelled flights over the past 10 years in December.

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