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This will probably come as a surprise to no one. Politicians are blaming each other as those who are out of work have been trying to get assistance for weeks. According to the Channel 8, residents are eligible fro $275 a week for up to 12 weeks. They cite a study from a job market website that looked at how each state in the country has done when it comes to benefits for those looking for help. They found only 19 percent of Florida’s unemployed are getting any assistance. Channel 8 reports 1 in 9 in Florida are unemployed right now.

Curious who ranked BEST in the country? New Jersey! [Source: Channel 8]

Flight prices now (April 2020) vs then (March 2020)

When the coronavirus situation turned serious, airfares from Tampa International plummeted. The new flight prices below are all the lowest round trip fares from Tampa that I could find to fly May 6 through May 13.  Some prices have jumped as much as 1,000%.

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