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Here we go. Working our way through the “SAFE. SMART. STEP-BY-STEP. PLAN.”

Won’t it be nice to go to state parks again? We’ll have that opportunity on May 4th.

Governor Ron DeSantis said, “Today I’m announcing as part of Phase One, that beginning Monday, May 4, Florida’s world-renowned state park system will be opening.” The governor held a press conference in Jacksonville and added that parks being open will help residents’ state of mind and add to our quality of life.

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Flight prices now (April 2020) vs then (March 2020)

When the coronavirus situation turned serious, airfares from Tampa International plummeted. The new flight prices below are all the lowest round trip fares from Tampa that I could find to fly May 6 through May 13. Some prices have jumped as much as 1,000%.