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Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Wilder

Sending love to mother’s of all kinds. Mamas, Grandmas, Godmothers, Fur-baby Mama’s. Aunts. Sisters. No matter if you have given birth to a child, if you are a woman, you provide maternal comfort to those around you. And for that you deserve much thanks and love on Mother’s Day and every day.

Now I’m a mom to two daughters. There’s a commercial where a mom does a heavy-duty background check on her first baby’s sitter, and for the second one, she passes her off to a teen (kind of wild-looking teen) and is like “Here you go! Bye!” (I can’t even think of the product the commercial is advertising-mom brain.) But that really sums it up regarding the second baby! There’s no time for over-thinking things because there is no time. Once you have more than one kid, economies of scale kick in. You have to be as efficient as you can at every turn. With that spirit in mind, rather than write about my new baby girl this Mother’s Day, I dug up the article I wrote about my first daughter after she was born and I’m re-purposing that. Moms get it! 😉 So here it is…This is the letter I wrote my daughter three years ago when we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together. (Now I have to go run and change baby #2’s diaper. Enjoy your special day, Ladies!)

Dear Evelyn Jade,

I’m so happy to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day with you, my sweet baby girl. You were prayed for and dreamt of for umpteen years and now you are finally here. Mommy and Daddy have so much we want to show you and teach you about the world, but so far it seems to be you doing all the teaching. You’ve taught me how to endure a new wacky sleep schedule, and how to not care that I forgot to put on perfume and instead, smell like dried breast milk. And as I type this, it’s with one hand because in just one week you taught Mommy how to do everything with one hand.

I love how you are teaching us through every little one of your sweet (or fussy) expressions. When you feel the wind or hear birds chirping or wind chimes, you lean your head back and close your eyes and have the most peaceful face.

Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Wilder

When you look at Mommy and Daddy and smile, you melt our hearts. You remind us that the simplest beauties in life make us the happiest. You are my little hungry monkey all the time, and so even your fusspot faces and cries make me happy that you are growing and want to be nurtured and fed.

And though I read you books about love and mama bears loving their cubs and how love has wings that help you fly, it’s you who has already taught me about true love at first sight. And my heart grows bigger every day getting to know you.