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I have a confession. I’m officially the last one who finally caved in and watched Tiger King. I started Sunday afternoon and just let it run and waste what was left of my weekend. If you’re part of Team Joe Exotic, you’ll probably pass on this new offering from Big Cat Rescue. On Saturday, the sanctuary posted photos of their new face masks. They feature Carole’s “Hey all you cool cats and kittens” catch phrase. It comes in black or a leopard print. The masks cost $11. According to who is handling the online ordering, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the masks goes to the big cats.

Big Cat Rescue

Some fun for your Monday! Exotic cats love smells!! Olfactory enri... chment is one way we give our residents something fun to do. The scents we use are not harmful and have been approved by our vets. The paper tubes are scented with an axe body spray, which has proven to be a favorite for many of our bobcats.

Here’s a look at some upcoming Q105 concerts here in the Tampa Bay area along with a few we think are worth a road trip!  Many of these shows may be postponed given the coronavirus situation.

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