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How much do you miss baseball? AirBnB is known mostly as a place to rent a room or home. But there are some off the beaten path listings. When I went to Spain for the first time last year, I was horrified by the hotel prices. Out of curiosity, I found a great idea when I searched listings on AirBnB. We ended up staying on a yacht! It sounded super cool to say you’re on yacht in Europe. It made for some great Instagram pics. And get this, it was CHEAPER than a hotel room! It wasn’t the most comfortable accommodation for a guy like me who’s 6’4″. I wouldn’t suggest doing it for more than a few days, but when you travel, it’s kind of fun to break free from the ordinary. I’ve even seen glorified tree houses listed on AirBnB. But this offering up in Pensacola is the first I’ve seen like this. And it comes with an ocean view.

How would you like to spend a night at a baseball stadium? It’s right here in Florida, but it’ll require a road trip. The “Blue Wahoos” in Pensacola have yet to hear the umpire yell “play ball” so instead of losing out on more money by leaving their stadium unused, they’ve listed it on AirBnB!

For $1,500 a night, you have the place all to yourself. The stadium near Pensacola has won the Southern League Ballpark of the Year honor 3 times, according to the listing. You’ll have access to the field, clubhouse, batting cage, and yes, there is actually a place to sleep. There’s a bedroom with 10 beds just off the clubhouse. But whey would you sleep? Go play catch at 3am.

This AirBnB listing has the amenities: TVs, a ping pong table, and there’s a microwave if you want to nuke a pizza and go enjoy it on the pitchers mound. They’ll provide bats, balls and helmets. Food and beverages are available for an additional charge.

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