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That nervous moment when the examiner steps in to your car as you get ready to take your test for your driver’s license may be a thing of the past. Creative Loafing reports changes are in the works for how the test will be administered to keep social distancing in mind. Many state offices have been closed for weeks due to the pandemic, so they’re trying to come up with ways to open but keep everyone as safe as they can. Instead of the examiner taking a seat next to the driver, they say now the driver could get instructions via cell phones or walkie-talkies on a closed course.

However, there WILL need to be someone in the car with the driver. It could be a parent or friend who’s 21 or over, but the passenger would NOT be allowed to assist the driver in the exam.

Not everyone is a fan of this idea. Some say the examiner needs to be in the vehicle to make an accurate assessment of the driver’s skill and level of comfort behind the wheel. [Source: Creative Loafing]

What’s open, what’s closed in Tampa Bay

Some Florida businesses are reopening as the number of COVID-19 cases begin to go down. Many have limited hours and capacity so it’s a good idea to call ahead.

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