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If you’re saying “I Wanna Have Some Fun,” you should live “The Glamorous Life” and “Turn The Beat Around.” Because “When I Hear Music,” “I’ll Be Loving You” “Fantasy Girl.” “You Should Be Dancing” “More and More” because you’re a “Diamond Girl!” So many great Q105 SNDP favorites in this one hour mix! Sorry I couldn’t find a way to work Sussudio in to that intro, but it’s in Paul’s mix!

One of our favorite mega mixes from The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party’s DJ Paul S. Turn it up and kick off a great weekend and listen Saturday night for more great beats to bring you back and escape 2020 for a few hours!

If this doesn’t play here, head directly to the YouTube video!

Geno hosts Freestyle Explosion at USF with Stevie B!

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