The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

Wanna be on the show Saturday night?
Celebrating a birthday? Having a house party? Wanna give someone a shout out? Come on the air with us! Be a part of the famous top-of-the-hour SNDP chant you hear every Saturday night. Get your friends together who love the old school party jams we play. Start recording! It can be audio or video.

1) Have them say each word loud and separately:
“Saturday….. Night….. Dance….. Partaaaaayyyy”!

2) Cheer like crazy for 10 seconds!

3) Post it on our Facebook page, tag @Q105SNDP on Twitter or Instagram, or you can just email it to

The Sticks of Fire did a great job doing the chant when they were in Nashville to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning. Can your crew do it better?

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