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The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party

Is it Saturday night yet?

Posted by Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

We LOVE it when Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party listeners post videos to our Facebook wall showing them dancing, singing and partying along with us on Saturday nights. Some have put the rollerskates on and turned their living room to a rink. “Pool guy Sean” as we call him set up a killer light show to go along with the music in his backyard pool. When the Florida rain picked up one Saturday night, a pair of listeners sent us video of them dancing in the rain in their driveway. We even have listeners who emptied out their garage and bought a fog machine and turned it into their own private dance club just for the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Wanna be on the show Saturday night?
We’ll have you be a part of that big group shout you hear at the top of each hour. Get your friends together who love the old school party jams we play. Start recording! It can be audio or video.

1) Have them say each word loud and separately:
“Saturday….. Night….. Dance….. Partaaaaayyyy“!

2) Cheer like crazy for 10 seconds!

3) Post it on our Facebook page, tag @Q105SNDP on Twitter, or email it to

Once we get your clip, we’ll let you know when it will air. Be sure to record video of it and have Q105 turned way up and do the chant along with us the radio! We’d love to see it. This is what it sounds like on the air! Jump ahead 2 minutes and you’ll hear some roller skaters from Tampa who did the shout! Can your crew do it better?

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