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It was two years ago today we lost Anthony Bourdain. He encouraged us to get out and see the world and try something new… even if it freaked you out a little bit. Break out of your routine. Live life. It’s a terrible irony given how his life ended. In his memory today, may I suggest a trip to Waffle House?

I always enjoyed his TV show but when I saw this clip for the first time, I really bonded with the guy. So many snooty TV hosts on those restaurant shows obsess over the dumb stuff like presentation and Instagram-worthiness of what you’re eating. Waffle House isn’t fancy. It doesn’t win many awards or get 5 star ratings on review sites. But Waffle House is a Florida institution and worthy of the respectful praise and beautiful tribute given by Bourdain in this clip. I love sitting at the counter and watching the symphony of chaos with the staff yelling and bumping into each other as they masterfully prepare my chicken biscuit and hashbrowns chunked, dice and smothered.

For a guy who traveled the world and ate every conceivable delicacy from scrumptious to revolting, the fact that Anthony showed some serious love to Waffle House is everything. He was well-traveled, well-spoken… but he’d still be a guy who you could drink cheap beer with. He was one of those rare chameleons that could probably fit in with college kids, truckers, or politicians with no effort.

Bourdain said it perfectly about Waffle House: “It’s where everybody regardless of race, creed, color or degree of inebriation is welcomed. It’s warm yellow glow… a beacon of hope and salvation inviting the hungry, the lost and seriously hammered all across the south to come inside.”

And if I may… I give you my favorite Waffle House moment ever when I spotted this guy finding the perfect hiding spot for his toothpick while he ate.

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