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I didn’t get to go. Ya know. I have that little radio show I do. But my buddy Bill from Touring Central Florida got to check out the scene at Busch Gardens in Tampa. He braved the heat and crowds as the park reopened today for the first time since this whole coronavirus mess.

Bill is THE theme parks guru.  How were people handling the mandatory face mask thing? Was there social distancing?  Were wait times shorter since there were fewer in the park?  And what about Iron Gwazi?  Bill knows his stuff… plus he gives his letter grade for how things went for the first day back in action at Busch Gardens.

8 Most Asked Questions about the Busch Gardens Reopening Plan

Many things will look different since your last visit to the park. Before you jump in the car and head to Tampa to ride Iron Gwazi, here are a few things you should know.

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