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Saturday afternoon, with the storms that had been popping up all over the Tampa Bay area, we had the chance to see a waterspout off the coast of Clearwater Beach.

The waterspout, which is a tornado that is over the water, was seen from all over Clearwater, and it stayed offshore. The videos show the waterspout a good distance from the beaches, and the photo below shows the bottom of the funnel interacting with the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Waterspout spotted off Clearwater Beach

Some sunshine at the beach suddenly became shrouded by stormy-looking skies and a more ominous threat: a waterspout. 10 Tampa Bay's weather camera caught the...

Clearwater beach WATERSPOUT (water tornado)

Water spout spotted from our hotel room in Clearwater beach Florida!

10 Tampa Bay

Fewer cases were reported today than yesterday, which saw 2,581 new ... COVID-19 cases, breaking the two previous days' records. Still, today's number marks the 2nd highest spike in new cases in a single day.

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