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This video is incredible. It’s shot POV (point of view) style so you are right there with with “The Python Cowboy” as he spotted what might be the biggest python ever caught in Florida.

Warning: There are some not so pleasant moments in this video. He smells something to see if it’s poop or skunk throw up. And then moments later, walks up on a pair of underwear when he theorizes someone “s*** their pants.” Maybe they belonged to someone who spotted the snake and ran. I probably would too if I spotted a 17 foot python.

The Python Cowboy says he knew this was the time to look for a monster because of the rain we’ve seen lately. If you want to skip ahead, go to 3 minutes in. When he spots the snake, he know he’s in for a struggle: “This ain’t gonna be easy.” As he grabs the python’s tail, he realizes he isn’t strong enough to pull it in. He needs to grab her by the head and tail. But then he has some “luck” when he blurts out, “She’s comin’ for me now. That’s what I want.” It was at this point I knew I’m in the right profession… someone who watches YouTube videos and plays songs on the radio.

Another warning: The language gets raw. So if you’re at work, grab the ear buds. When he gets a hold of the snake, he does get bit and that’s when he just hopes she didn’t get an artery. YOUR heart will start to race when he says, “This ain’t good. I’m leakin’ everywhere.” We’re watching the video so you know he made it. He creates a tourniquet to slow the bleeding. But still you know he’s in trouble. He realizes he doesn’t have a a big enough bag so he has to drag this angry snake back to his boat. He abandons one of his cameras as he gets light headed.

He finally gets the python in a case on his boat. But not after he suffers some nerve damage. This thing weighed in at 150 pounds! No stitches though… not because he didn’t need them. “I don’t got the time or the money to go to a doctor,” he said.

OK… you ready to watch!?

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