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(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Talk about an act of bravery.

Trent Tweddale was walking his 6 year-old dog, Loki, on his farm in Wesley Chapel. All of a sudden, Loki was dragged into the water by a 13-foot gator. Trent is a former Army staff sergeant. He didn’t even think about it. He jumped into the water and started punching the alligator. He was able to pry Loki away and brought him to safety.

Trent said, “It all happened so fast. It seemed like a million years and a second all at the same time.”

Loki had to have reconstructive surgery on his leg and paw, but he is going to be okay.

This is now the second alligator story we’ve talked about on Q105 this week. It is gator mating season so they are more active and aggressive. Be on the lookout.

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