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What a miserable time we’re living in. Bars opening and closing. Face masks bending your ears. Political bickering (and it’s only June) in your social media feed. We may or may not get another stimulus check, but Publix is doing their part to save 2020. I might bring a sleeping bag and set up a tent in a vacant aisle for next 7 days. Check out this trifecta.

For Chicken Tenders Pub Sub lovers, step up to the deli counter to get your sandwich for $6.99 until Wednesday. It only saves you about $2, but for some reason it brings joy and happiness that feels like Christmas. It’s like how Gasparilla is our excuse to drink in public at noon. You only save a couple bucks but Pub Sub sales are the green light one needs to justify eating an enormous amount of fried chicken.

Some go the traditional route with a simple mix of lettuce, tomato and ranch. But I like the more creative spins with buffalo sauce… and one listener even said some Publix stores will make it a Chicken Parmesan if you ask. And by the way, Pub Sub it like a pro. When Publix puts their sandwiches on sale, especially this one, the lines at lunchtime can be long. Order online! They’ll have it waiting for you at the time you specify. Nothing brings me joy like waltzing into Publix, seeing the long line at the deli, grabbing my Pub Sub and heading to a 10 items or less register and completing my entire visit in less than 2 minutes.

It’s rare for the stars to align like this where the Pub Sub and Ben & Jerry’s are both on sale in the same week. Save the other half of your Chicken Tenders Pub Sub for tomorrow and have dessert. I have always gone with the Strawberry Cheesecake. But Salted Caramel Core is quickly becoming a challenger for my favorite. When there’s a BOGO, you don’t have to choose.

I love living in Tampa Bay. I’ll never leave. While I like to go back home to Maine to visit family a couple times a year, by day 2 or 3 of the trip, I’m ready to come back. Especially in the winter. There are only a few things that make living in Maine tolerable: the fall, lobster rolls and whoopie pies. For you lifelong Floridians, you might have never even heard of them. It’s two chocolate cakes with an Oreo-like frosting in the middle. It’s a staple of the growing up in Maine diet. I had to do a double take when I saw them for sale at Publix yesterday. I would’ve bought a package to try but I JUST finished a box of 12 that a friend from Maine sent down for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if all Publix locations are selling them. If not, I snapped this pic at the Publix on Ulmerton in Clearwater near 275.


Just when I was about to give up on 2020.

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