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Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s, including dads in heaven. Their love and tutelage continues on even when they are gone. We lost our father suddenly five years ago. In those first six months, you learn everything people say or don’t say helps; yet, none of it makes the pain go away. You learn that someone has always had it worse. You learn there is no formula or right way to grieve and heal. Most importantly, you learn that you will survive and you will get up every day and take the next step required to keep moving. Those are the tough lessons. About six months or so into it, when things quiet down and reflection begins, you can learn some truly amazing things.

Number One: You gain special powers. Not like you can fly or make yourself invisible. I’ll give you an example. Dads, you know it’s you and your girls against the world. Show me a confident woman, and I’ll show you a strong dad behind her. At first, I thought, “Well, Dad always propped me up in the face of adversity and he’s gone. Now what?” But I quickly realized that confidence he gave me is mine if I need it and stronger than ever.

Number Two: Life moves fast, and now you appreciate it. If I sat down with my Dad today and we caught up on all of the things that have happened just in our own family, it would be incredible. So much change. So much to catch up on. Has the world always moved this fast and I just never noticed?

Number Three: You know they know. The beauty is that my dad and I don’t need to catch up. I’ve had a couple of occasions talking to him in my dreams, but more than that, I know with all my heart that he’s here with me and enjoying eternal life with our Heavenly Father. And if you look around, you’ll see that your loved one is always with you…in the bloom of pretty flowers, in songs, and in your heart forever.

My Dad was many things to many people. He was a brilliant businessman-tough when necessary-, a mentor and friend to so many, and someone who could make you laugh but also knew how to laugh at himself. If he or anyone in our family did something goofy or embarrassing, he would often say, “Girls, we’re from Carol City. We don’t worry about stuff like that.”

He was proud of what he’d accomplished in life and proud of where he came from. He was proud of the education he received at USF and proud of being one of the original founders of the football program. What he loved most was being a great Dad and husband. He was our limitless source of love and confidence.

If something good happens during my day, I sometimes, very briefly, forget he’s gone and think, “Oh, I can’t wait to tell Dad.” Or if I hear something on the news that upsets me, I think, “I need to talk to Dad.” He is the one person who somehow is always able to put things in perspective and have the right comfort and advice, as dads do.

My Dad gave so much and made us who we are today. One thing we are extremely grateful for is that he never left words unspoken. We knew about his convictions. He believed in helping people, he believed in free will, and he believed in what our country stands for. Most importantly, we know how much he loves us. I can hear him so clearly saying, “Girls, you’re my pride and joy…Have a good attitude…Life is great…Live life.”

Dad, we love you so much. Happy Father’s Day. We know you’re with our Heavenly Father and here with us in spirit, and we can’t wait to see you again.

I’m wishing all families a Happy Father’s Day today!

Xoxo, Roxanne

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