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You know those “Restaurant Red Alerts” you see on the TV news? Sometimes food isn’t stored at the right temperature. Some have cockroach problems. This is Florida, after all. We have lots of pests. Just look at the number of Yankees fans at Rays games. I digress.

Well inspectors got more than they bargained for when they went to check things out at “Pizza Mambo” in West Palm Beach. Fox 13 reports they were forced to close when an 80 pound frozen iguana was found in the freezer. Apparently it was a “gift” to the owner. They say they removed it when they were told it was a violation. In related news, they had to be told that was a violation. [Source: Fox 13]

Q105 Concert Calendar

Here’s a look at some upcoming Q105 concerts here in the Tampa Bay area along with a few we think are worth a road trip!  Many of these shows may be postponed given the coronavirus situation.

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