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Pasco County has issued an executive order requiring wearing of masks. Here’s what is in the order.

According to the county order, as of June 23, the number of positive tests in Pasco County reported 997 residents have tested positive for COVID-19, “a 350% increase in new cases in one week, with approximately 40% of the county’s total cases being reported in the last week”, which is one of the reasons this move was made. The county also has not seen voluntary use of social distancing.

In Pasco County, everyone in an indoor location for a business must wear a mask while not maintaining social distancing. Businesses are required to ensure compliance by denying anyone who is not wearing a mask to come in, or remove anyone not complying by wearing a mask to leave.

Businesses are encouraged to come up with a plan to handle this, and to post it where everyone can see how everyone can comply with the plan.

Exemptions to the rule include anyone under two years old, anyone observing social distancing, those who cannot wear masks due to a health condition, people eating or drinking. Click here to see the full list of exemptions in the order. The exemptions begin near the bottom of page 5.

Penalties for not complying include a $250 fine by Pasco County Code Enforcement. The enforcement will begin Thursday, June 25 at 5 p.m.

Click here for details from News Channel 8.