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Some sad news out of Polk County. Following similar announcements by other Florida theme parks, Channel 8 reports today that Legoland will restructure business operations. They say that means salary reductions, changes to operations, and temporary furloughs. Health coverage will be extended through the end of the month. Those with tenure also will see additional benefits. There’s no word on how many will lose their jobs or which departments saw the biggest cuts. [Source: Channel 8]

4 Face Masks Rated by Florida Researchers

Like them or not, they’re part of our life for the foreseeable future. Actually I don’t know anyone who really LIKES face masks. Some are more comfortable. Some are more effective. But which face masks actually do the most to keep you and those around you from sharing those infamous nasty droplets? Channel 8 this morning showed results from a study done by researchers at Florida Atlantic University. They measured how far droplets can go with a few different face coverings when you cough.  Here’s what they found…

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