The Current

Sunday Mornings 6:00am

What just happened? The world turned upside down in March and though I appreciate the term “new normal,” I prefer to think of it as a temporary normal.

July 2nd marks the official start to the second half of 2020. And while the things many of us love and miss won’t be ushered back immediately, I still have hope that we will make a return to what was amazing and human before the pandemic began.


1~Going in for a first kiss with zero thoughts of germs
2~Hugs given out with not a care in the world
3~The roar of a crowd at a sporting event…and the high-fives that follow
4~The electricity in the air at a concert
5~The hustle and bustle at the airport
6~Grand celebrations of love…weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties
7~Celebrating with big community gatherings and fireworks for holidays
8~Families and friends leaning in close for photos
9~Being in a hospital waiting room to welcome a baby and congratulate the new parents
10~Sitting in a church pew and listening to the choir sing
11~Giving someone a firm, respectful handshake upon meeting them
12~Holding your grandma’s hand when you visited her at the nursing home
13~Seeing a friend’s face light up when they heard good news
14~Watching your kids have fun on a playground

Some people say we’ll never go back to this. If you say that because you’re afraid, I get it. But I’m not afraid to say I hope that’s not the case. Enjoyment in these moments makes us human. These encounters and events feed our souls. Maybe we won’t be doing all these things right away in the second half, but maybe if we work together and have faith…it will happen. We will once again do these simple things we once took for granted…but never will again.