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The Tampa Bay Times reports that officials in Pinellas County have made the call – beaches will stay open this holiday weekend. One concern is that if they close the beaches again, people will flock to places where residents will be indoors and closer together at places like stores and restaurants. Experts say being outdoors reduces risk of the coronavirus being spread as long as people keep six feet apart.

You can expect to see about four times more law enforcement at Clearwater Beach than you would usually see for the 4th of July, according to Police Chief Dan Slaughter. Not only will they be keeping an eye on beaches. They’ll watch businesses to make sure they’re following the rules set by the state. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Earlier this week, we asked you whether or not beaches should remain open. A large majority felt the beaches should be closed. With 624 responses by Wednesday night, 59% said close the beaches. 18% said keep them open, but limit capacity. 24% said keep the beaches open with no restrictions.

Florida study measures the effectiveness of the 4 different types of face masks…

Like them or not, they’re part of our life for the foreseeable future. Actually I don’t know anyone who really LIKES face masks. Some are more comfortable. Some are more effective. But which face masks actually do the most to keep you and those around you from sharing those infamous nasty droplets? Channel 8 this morning showed results from a study done by researchers at Florida Atlantic University. They measured how far droplets can go with a few different face coverings when you cough.  Here’s what they found…

After hearing about my friend Amanda’s 3AM ordeal at the ER (you can hear her story below), a little tug on the ear is worth keeping my germs off of you.  [Source: Channel 8]

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