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One of the 39 tigers rescued in 2017 from Joe Exotic's G.W. Exotic Animal Park plays at the Wild Animal Sanctuary on April 5, 2020 in Keenesburg, Colorado. Exotic, star of the wildly successful Netflix docu-series Tiger King, is currently in prison for a murder-for-hire plot and surrendered some of his animals to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. The Sanctuary cares for some 550 animals on two expansive reserves in Colorado.

If you haven’t heard of Cameo, it’s a website where you pay an actor, musician or reality TV star to send a personalized video message. I find the site fascinating. I scroll through the list of B-list celebs often to see how much they think they can justify charging their fans. Some of them are just downright delusional. There are hundreds of YouTube “stars” and bit part actors you never noticed from the movies. And some of the greetings are just cringe-y.

The newest member of the “cast” of Cameo is a local celebrity who gained fame thanks to the Netflix documentary “Tiger King.” Yes Carole Baskin from Big Cat Resue Tampa will personally send a message to the Tiger King fan in your life… for a fee. How much? $169 baby! She has a 5 star rating from customers, which is pretty impressive. Do keep in mind, the celebrities on Cameo have the right to deny your request. So since Carole has a few haters, I’m sure more than a few requests have been turned down. So chances are, if you put in an order for a message for Joe Exotic, it’s probably not going to happen.

As goofy as the website is, I will say they helped me deliver the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for my grandmother. She’s 92 and pretty much has everything. The last thing she needed is something to clutter up her home. So since she’s a big Boston Red Sox fan (hey she lives in Maine), I had Red Sox TV play by play guy Jerry Remy record this for her.

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