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In order to handle the increased number of Covid-19 patients, Pinellas County locations of Baycare Health System is cutting back on non-urgent treatments. Which surgeries will and won’t be performed?

Surgeries considered not urgent are being put on the back burner at the Pinellas County locations, but not at the Hillsborough, Polk or Pasco County hospitals, at this time. The new, temporary policy, begins July 10th at 5 p.m. and it includes St. Anthony’s Hospital, Morton Plant Hospital, Meese Countryside.

According to the statement from Baycare Health System’s website from Tommy Inzina, CEO of BayCare Health System, “this is about making sure our community has the maximum resources at its disposal to address the second peak of this pandemic. We exist to serve our community, particularly during a health crisis.”

Surgeries for life-threatening conditions will continue to be performed. Surgeries that are not medically urgent and require overnight recovery in the hospital are able to be deferred.

Like them or not, they’re part of our life for the foreseeable future. Actually I don’t know anyone who really LIKES face masks. Some are more comfortable. Some are more effective. But which face masks actually do the most to keep you and those around you from sharing those infamous nasty droplets? Channel 8 this morning showed results from a study done by researchers at Florida Atlantic University. They measured how far droplets can go with a few different face coverings when you cough. Here’s what they found…