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Hand sanitizer!

Now that we are all in the habit of dousing ourselves with hand sanitizer, make you sure you don’t do so before you light your fireworks.

Mix the two together (fireworks and hand sanitizer) and you’ve got a dangerous, flammable concoction.

City of Greensboro Fire Department recently posted on Facebook, “Keep in mind, if you are using consumer fireworks this year, DO NOT USE HAND SANITIZER AT THE SAME TIME! Wash your hands only with soap and water. Hand Sanitizer is flammable!”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 57 percent of all fireworks-related injuries are burn-related.

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4th of July Deals in Tampa Bay

The Pinellas beaches are open, but if you plan to spend your weekend in the AC doing some shopping, retailers want to get you back in the store and are offering up some bargains this weekend. From fishing rods to mattresses, oil change supplies to cell phone ear buds, some of these are almost Black Friday worthy deals, thanks to the money saving guru Clark Howard.