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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

It’s fun to enjoy summer activities. Beach days, barbeques, outdoor fun. You want to enjoy your Fourth of July and stay safe!

Our friend at ABC Action News talked with the experts and found some great tips.

1. Keep your gathering small or attend a get-together that you know won’t be crowded.
2. Party outdoors rather than indoors.
3. If people do want to go inside, ask your guests to please wear a mask.
4. Don’t share forks, spoons, snack bowls, etc.
5. Have hand sanitizer nearby.

For more tips, click here.

4th of July Deals in Tampa Bay

The Pinellas beaches are open, but if you plan to spend your weekend in the AC doing some shopping, retailers want to get you back in the store and are offering up some bargains this weekend. From fishing rods to mattresses, oil change supplies to cell phone ear buds, some of these are almost Black Friday worthy deals, thanks to the money saving guru Clark Howard.