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A couple needed to call for help when a soon-to-be mom went into labor. Only, they weren’t on land yet. They were aboard a pontoon boat in Tampa Bay celebrating the July 4th holiday.

Clearwater Fire Medics were called out to the Courtney Campbell Causeway to meet up with a boat that would pull onto the beach Saturday afternoon. Minutes after after boarding the boat, the woman gave birth to a boy.

The couple were already parents to a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old, all three children are boys.
[Source: 10 Tampa Bay]

Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department

Last night and early this morning, our crews worked three house fire... s related to fireworks. One started on a roof, the other two started when someone put fireworks inside a garbage can that were not properly extinguished and the burning can then caught the adjacent house on fire.

Just a month ago, Florida State Troopers helped a woman give birth while stuck in traffic in downtown Tampa.

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