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While the coronavirus pandemic engulfs us, there are still other health and medical issues going on.

According to the American Medical Association, opioid deaths have been on the rise in at least 30 states.

What factors are contributing to this? Isolation and financial issues are at the root of some of this.

In Manatee County, its reported that there has been an almost 44% increase in non-fatal overdoses between January and July compared to the same period the year prior.

“Folks that suffer from addictions, they need structure. Idle time is an enemy to them. They need to be busy and they need to be accountable and when you pull some of those things away from them, it could get them in trouble,” said Major Todd Shear with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. He continued, “It’s a challenge that we’re all facing, it’s an unintended consequence of COVID-19, and some of the measures that we have to take to protect the health of everyone.”

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