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Back To The ’80s

It was the must-have toy for the holidays in 1983. Parents were driving hundreds of miles to get their hands on Cabbage Patch Kids and shelling out big bucks if forced. There were even riots, yes riots, as moms and dads tried to secure one for their children for the upcoming holiday. It was absolute madness!

As things calmed down they actually “birthed” some in stores! This is how the 80s explained the “birds and the bees”.

Kids even had to take an oath to love and care for your “kid” and received a birth certificate when you adopted your Cabbage Patch Kid.

So if you remember having a Cabbage Patch Kid in the early 80s, thank your parents. They may have received a black eye trying to get you one.

Written by: Rachel Pitts | Pop Culture writer & child of the ’80s.