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So far, several Tampa Bay area school districts have already chosen to delay reopening after the summer.

A long-awaited decision has come for Hillsborough County, which moved its schools’ start date back two weeks to August 24. Pinellas County has fallen in line with other counties by delaying its start date to August 24 as well. In Sarasota, the School Board has voted to change their start date for the Fall from August 10 to August 31. The School Board in Polk County has moved their start date from August 10 back to August 24. In both cases, this is for both students at the schools and for remote classes. Manatee County has moved their start date back one week from August 10 to August 17. The latest updates are from the Hernando County School Board, which has chosen to move their start date back three weeks to August 31, and the Pasco County School Board, which has delayed opening from August 10 back to August 24. Citrus County has moved their schools’ start back to August 20.

Still awaiting news from DeSoto (August 10), Hardee (August 12), Highlands (August 17), and Sumter County(August 10) each have not yet made a change.

In each case, the decision was based upon the recent uptick in positive tests of Covid-19. When students, teachers and administration return, they will all need to wear masks.  We will update the list as counties’ school boards make decisions on their start date.
[Source: News Channel 8]

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