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You know if someone’s a real Floridian when you see how they react to an alligator. Tourists freak out. If you’re from Florida, you probably know just to leave the thing alone.

But what if you’re out on the water? If you bought a new kayak to have something to do during this COVID life, you may not want to watch this. If it’s any consolation, this didn’t happen in Florida! But watch as this peaceful day kayaking on the water in North Carolina got more than a little scary when a gator decided to say hello to this kayaker!

10 Q105 Songs from the ’80s You Might Not Know Were Cover Songs

We love our ’80s Party Weekends on Q105. But some of those sings you so closely identify with Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Heart and Whitney Houston – aren’t even theirs!

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