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SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., the parent company of Busch Gardens, gave an update in their investor release that affects some of their new rides.

Due to COVID-19 and the decreased attendance due to “self-imposed capacity limitations” in their parks, the company reassessed how they’re going to handle new ride debuts for 2020. Instead of opening a new ride in 2020, which would attract larger crowds, SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. is not opening new attractions until 2021. In Tampa, that means Iron Gwazi.

The company has deferred payments on the ride, and that is just a piece of this plan. The delay in opening new attractions will mean the company can catch up on these payments as attendance hopefully grows as COVID-19 procedures the company has set up help provide safety of its guests, employees and the animals.
At SeaWorld Orlando, the debut of Ice Breaker will also be delayed until 2021. You can find the full release here.

If you visit Congo River Rapids, look out for Geno at the water cannons!

Geno: “I can’t believe it took me dozens of visits to Busch Gardens to finally notice the water cannons!”