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It’s not a Tropical Storm yet, but it’s likely to become one later today. It’s moving northwest toward Florida, but will it hit Tampa Bay? They still don’t know. The problem is the storm hasn’t taken shape yet where they can predict a path with any certainty. This morning they looked for an area of “central circulation.” It couldn’t be found and that’s crucial.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine forecast to become Tropical Storm Isaias today

What was once Invest 92-L has now developed into Potential Tropical Depression Nine (PTC9). Florida is in the cone of Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine. PTC9 i...

As of right now, most of the models do show Isaias moving toward Florida – many even showing a trip through Tampa Bay. But will it have any strength left by the time it gets here? You’re a Floridian – you know how this goes… we have to wait and see. Right now they say in this 10 News report there’s a 25% chance of us seeing a tropical storm here in Tampa Bay Sunday.

Lightning 2004 Memories

The Bolts are back in action this week! Check out these photos at the “St. Pete Times Forum” with appearances by Elvis impersonators, Alexander Ovechkin and Hulk Hogan!?

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