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It’s been the ultimate irony for many – airfares and hotels are super cheap right now, but many states insist you quarantine for 14 days once you arrive.

Channel 10 reports that today Florida lifted the restriction for travelers from 3 states: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Those visitors can now head straight to our beaches without having to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. The governor put the order in place back in March when New York was seeing big numbers of COVID-19 cases.

But here’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re visiting from the tri-state area… what about when you go back? [Source: 10 News]

10 Worst Airports For Holiday Delays…

Compare Cards says choose a nonstop early morning flight if you can. And avoid these airports for a connecting flight. They say these 10 had the most delayed or cancelled flights over the past 10 years in December.

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