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Facemasks from China

Facemasks from China

This is so weird.  Channel 8 reports some Tampa Bay residents are getting deliveries of face masks.  The thing is – they were never ordered and the concerning thing is they are coming from out of the country.  The same thing was happening with seeds recently. So what’s going on?

One Clearwater woman who got one of the mystery packages from Shanghai, China must’ve been a little freaked out – the delivery information included her cell phone number. Inside it was just a couple packages of face masks.

Is there cause for concern? Well sort of. But there doesn’t seem to be a health threat with this. It’s more of a scheme. They think they’re sending people this free stuff in hopes they’ll give the products good online reviews. Or they might have your password and they’ll post the reviews… without you even knowing. They say some have even received jewelry. The FTC says if you get stuff like this in the mail, change your online shopping passwords immediately.

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