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Which is the most pet-friendly city? Research shows that #1 on the list is… crunched the numbers, they looked at what sort of budget pet owners have for their dogs, cats, fish, birds or even reptiles. They counted veterinarians, pet-friendly restaurants, pet parks and even weather as they put together their list of most pet-friendly cities. Once they completed that, who landed at the top of the list?

Tampa, Florida! Tampa was tied for the most veterinarians per capita. Its “outdoor pet friendliness” rank was #4. For “pet health and wellness” Tampa ranked #11. Lastly, for “pet budget,” Tampa was #26. After collecting information in 25 different categories, Tampa’s overall rank topped the list, followed by: Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and at number four, Orlando. Other Florida cities that did well were Miami (#16) and St. Petersburg (#26). Orlando was tied for #1 in ‘most dog-friendly restaurants per capita’. Click here to find the full list.



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