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Some Florida AMC movie theaters will open back up next week on August 20. More will open August 27. To welcome moviegoers back, they are offering 15 cent tickets to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. (Movie prices from 1920.) They say seating capacity will be reduced to 30%. Alternate rows will be blocked off.

Here are the opening dates for AMC locations in our area.

AMC Bradenton 20
Reopening 8/27

AMC CLASSIC Palm Harbor 10
Reopening 9/3

AMC Sarasota 12
Reopening 8/27

AMC Sundial 12
Reopening 8/27

AMC The Regency 20
Reopening 8/20

AMC Veterans 24
Reopening 8/20

AMC West Shore 14
Reopening 8/20

AMC Woodlands Square 20
Reopening 8/20

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